From Simple to Highly Complex,
Master Key Systems for Every Environment.

City Lock & Safe Ltd are Master Key System specialists.

Patent Protected Master Key Systems by City Lock & Safe Ltd.

Mul-T-Lock, EVVA & Dormakaba Solutions

As security advances and the choice of Master Key Systems become more diverse, you need to know what systems suit your requirements.

Master Key Systems are smart, scalable and super- effective keying solutions in which selected keys are configured to open several predefined entries, using different types of locking products and efficient planning. These locking systems provide organizations with seamless access control while economizing on the number of keys in circulation.

Large range of solutions designed to address any locking need

Scalability to serve a dynamic and growing environments

Large range of solutions designed to address any locking need

Large range of solutions designed to address any locking need

City Lock & Safe Ltd are Master Key System specialists, the service includes…

Patent protected Master Key Systems offer security protection against unauthorised key cutting, forceable entry, and lock manipulation. Unique key profiles ensure users cannot have keys copied without correct authorisation.

Initial site survey to establish your requirements

System Design using the latest in-house software allowing complex system design capabilities

Ability to incorporate a wide range of product types into the system using a single key

Assembly in-house by the dedicated team (stock held in component form)

Keys cut in-house available for a quick turnaround or delivery

Installation & Integration

Expert support, management & maintenance

Benefits to the Master Key System

Enhanced Security

With increased control over access and fewer keys that could be lost or stolen. Each user has access to what they need and only what they’re authorized for, including central doors, cabinets and more.

Cost Effective

Through efficiencies and single-key access, you’ll need to create and recreate fewer keys, making a more cost effective system.


Depending on needs, the Master Key System can be applied to various lock and cylinder types. The robustness of our solution is designed to serve dynamic and growing environments.

Why we use Mul-T-Lock

Trusted by locksmiths to deliver quality products

Mul-T-Lock® is a worldwide leader in developing,    manufacturing and marketing High Securityproducts and Access Control solutions to theresidential, commercial and institutionalmarkets, for over 40 years.

Adhering to the most stringent security standards, Mul-T-Lock products are sold via 20,000 authorized andtrained service centers on every continent.

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